Welcome to The Write Ending!

I’m Kristen. Michigan is my home and writing is my first love, but photography holds a close second. My heart beats for the orphan and the vulnerable, and one day I had an epiphany–I could combine all these passions into one by means of a blog.


What is The Write Ending?

In 2017, the issue of modern-day slavery became a heavy weight on my heart as I started to realize the magnitude of this atrocity. Compared to other global concerns, slavery seems to the be least known and least talked about, which translates to the least action taken against it. According to the Polaris Project, 25 million people are enslaved today. Other experts say the number is over 40 million. Even worse, the United States is driving the demand, making our country one of the top three places in the world for trafficking.

One of my deepest desires is to see those statistics take a steep dip, to see more slaves freed, to see more traffickers brought to justice. I know that’s what you want too, and YOU can help! After a lot of research and prayer, I discovered that there are things ordinary people can do to help end labor and sex trafficking. My mission is to educate our generation on what those specific things are.

Every single soul has God-given gifts that they can use to change their small corner of the world. For my part, I’m not so great at speaking, but I can write. All I want is for you also to do what you can do. Maybe you aren’t financially able to support trafficking survivors, but you pray with faith to move mountains. Maybe you don’t know how to recognize a trafficking victim, but when you go shopping, you avoid stores that acquire products from supply chains that use forced labor.

Behind the name…

Many endings in our lives are unwanted and joyless. The loss of a job, the severing of a friendship, or the death of a loved one. But the ending of slavery would be the right ending–the write ending, if you will, because I’m writing to end it.

Awareness is not enough–we need a call to action. Let’s awaken a fire in this generation to take a stand against slavery!

Have I convinced you yet? Start here and fight for freedom!