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Let’s Support: Fight the New Drug

Everyone is fighting for something.

Money, comfort, convenience, recognition…these are some of the things we fight for. We might tell ourselves differently, but the truth reveals itself in our priorities. And while we’re pulling our little luxuries close, and now and then sticking a toe out of our comfort zone, there are battles being lost because of a deplorable lack of soldiers.

Are you fighting for something bigger than yourself?

Am I?

If you already have a cause you are passionate about, I commend you. There are many diverse regiments in the army fighting against strongholds of evil. Injustice and brokenness are everywhere you turn, and each of us has only two hands. If you feel led to give your time, money, and energy somewhere else, more power to you! But if you’re still looking for a way to be Jesus’ hands and feet to this hurting world, consider fighting human trafficking.

May I remind you there are an estimated 40 million slaves in the world?

And YOU can do something about that.

Allow me to introduce you to Fight the New Drug.

Let's Support Fight the New Drug

Several college students started this non-profit organization in 2009 with nothing but passion and an idea. Since then, it has become a global movement with the goal of educating the public on the harms of pornography based on science, facts, and personal accounts.

Wait a minute. How did we get on the subject of porn?

In order to win the fight against trafficking, we also need to win the fight against porn.

In my post Porn is Slavery’s Kindling, you can discover how the two go hand in hand. In short, one of the best ways to stop exploitation is to stop the demand for it. During World War II, what good would it have done if the U.S. had vanquished the Nazis but ignored the kamikazes? So, let’s not ignore the kamikazes of our day. This is why I’m advocating the Fighter Club.

The Fighter Club is the best way to support Fight the New Drug.

For a mere $10 a month, you support live youth presentations, new content (such as blog posts or infographics), collaborations with researchers/experts, and projects like the Brain-Heart-World documentary. The reason your donations are so important is because we need to get the word out. People around the world need to know how porn is changing society and making men believe the lie that women enjoy being bruised and battered. Porn is rewiring brains to view women and children as nothing but sex objects, and those rewired brains cause rewired actions. Like rape. Or molesting a child. Or selling an underage girl for sex over and over and over again.

Did I mention you’ll get some cool stuff in return?

Join the Fighter Club

When you become a Fighter, you receive:

Always 30% off anything in the FTND store…everyone loves discounts!

Fighter Club Kit…includes a t-shirt, notebook, wristband, button pack, and welcome card

Secret store access…get access to limited edition tees and more

Insider info…sneak peeks of new merch, content, and projects

Fighter journal

Fighter Club buttons

It’s easy. Give $10 a month, get cool stuff, make a difference. It may not seem like a lot, but it’s the small, consistent actions that win the big battles. If a monthly commitment scares you, you can get a cool t-shirt instead and rep the movement that way. My favorite is the People ≠ Products tee. Click here to purchase it!

People are not products

Why should I support Fight the New Drug?

The great thing about FTND is that they are changing the conversation. I’ve experienced that myself when I wear my red Porn Kills Love tee.  At first, I felt kind of awkward–it’s a pretty bold statement for someone like me who doesn’t like conflict! The opportunities that present themselves, however, are worth the slight discomfort. When people have asked about my shirt, I get to tell them how porn damages relationships and fuels the demand for sex trafficking.

Porn Kills Love

Action isn’t possible without awareness that there’s a problem. And although awareness isn’t enough, it is the first step toward winning the battle against porn and trafficking.

Become a Fighter today. There’s an army waiting for you.




“Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.” Nehemiah 4:14b

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